Discover The Secret 7 Step Blueprint To Build Your Own Coaching Funnel...
Without Having To Pay An Expensive Team To Build It For You.
  • Get Consistent Qualified Leads Predictably
  • ​Get New Coaching Clients Weekly
  • ​Create A Waiting List Begging To Be Coached By You
  • Build Your Coaching Funnel In Just 5 Weeks!
  • Discover The Only Two Tools You Need To Build Your Funnel
  • ​Start Building A List Fast
  • Build It Easily Yourself
  • ​Fill In The Blank Email Copy Templates
  • ​Fill In The Blank Web Page Copy Templates
  • Setup a funnel that qualifies your leads automatically
  • ​Get prospects begging to pay you as their coach
  • ​Get consistent qualified leads in every single week
Build Your Own High Converting Coaching Funnel Without Paying "The Big Bucks!"
STOP paying an expensive team (like mine) to build it for you and just use our blueprint we've developed after building almost 800 funnels in just 4 years alone. (That's over 16 funnels built every single month)
Proven Coaching Funnel Formula
The formula you’ll discover is the exact formula we’ve used to build over 800 marketing funnels in the past 4 years. That’s over 16 funnels we’ve built every single month and you’re about to get your hands on that same proven system.
Get Clients Begging To Pay For Your Coaching
The DIY Coaching Funnel is formulated to capture, qualify coaching leads in a way that creates complete excitement and trust within your prospects, and makes them want to start coaching with you right away.
Never Go Without A Coaching Client Again
The Coaching Funnel is designed to automatically bring in new leads like clockwork. You’ll sleep well knowing that your marketing funnel is constantly generating new leads that are happy to buy from you. You can turn up the dial if you want more clients or you can turn it down if you’re booked out.
Here's Everything You'll Get To Launch Your Coaching Funnel Within Just Five Weeks...
This class is built to guide you over 5 weeks to launch your funnel, without facing all the tech overwhelm and copywriting nightmares.
This module will direct you to the fastest Success Path possible. You'll see exactly what it looks like to have a thriving coaching funnel, what NOT to do, a sneak peak at creating your 'one offer', plus find out which tools are best to build your funnel.
Module 1: The Power of One
This module will give you a clear path ONE Goal, ONE Audience, and ONE Message. You'll also see step by step exercises that guide you through dialing in your messaging and the sentences you'll use to create the email and web page copy easily and quickly.
Module 2: Choosing Your Offers
This module is all about choosing the right coaching model and the right offers. You'll discover the best pricing models and how to setup your offers to be completely irresistible to your prospects.
Module 3 & 4: Build Part ONE & TWO
Module 3 & 4: Build Part ONE & TWO
In these modules, the "rubber meets the road" and we get to building everything in your funnel. This includes your web pages, email autoresponder, and all your copywriting being completely done. YES, we give you fill in the blank copywriting templates to easily get it done FAST.
Module 5: Get Unstuck
This module helps you get unstuck from ANYTHING you might be struggling with. Is copywriting blocking your mind? Or how about the easy to use tools are not being "so easy" for you? Or maybe you're just stuck on deciding which offer is best for your funnel? Whatever it is, this module is all about getting answers right from our team.
Instant Bonus: Traffic & Sales
Instant Bonus: Traffic & Sales
This module gives you everything you need to know on two topics: Topic one: how to get people to see your funnel, AKS: Traffic. Topic two: how to close coaching sales quickly and easily WITHOUT actually selling.
2 Major Bonuses
Once you complete your funnel, you are rewarded with 2 MAJOR bonuses worth the entire investment alone. Here's what you get as your bonuses...
Bonus: Automated Fulfillment
Yep, you can actually automate a large portion of your coaching and have your clients thank you for it! This is all about leveraging your time and reach as many clients as possible without burning out as a coach. I'll show you how to do it in this incredible bonus module.
Bonus: Online Traffic Blueprint
Do you want to know how to get immediate traffic FAST? Then this module will show you how to leverage Facebook Ads to get traffic to your funnel after you complete it. You'll get the simple step by step instruction showing you the best and easiest way to get immediate traffic on a low budget.
Get A Sneak Peek Into The Coaching Funnel Class
Made to be simple to follow in just a few hours per week, without getting overwhelmed with technical stuff and without being a marketing genius.
CoachingFunnel is a proven formula after building over 800 funnels, including some of the world's top coaches.
This is a SYSTEM, this is not fluff or speculation. It's paint by numbers for coaches who want to get new clients using a funnel
Proof The Coaching Funnel Works...
Here's just a few examples of what our clients have to say about their coaching funnel
“If you need technical help, Doresa is your lady! She jumped on a quick conference call and had several issues fixed in less than an hour. I definitely feel it was money well spent. And she even followed up the next day to make sure the final transition went through. Very savvy…very thorough…highly recommend.”
“Doresa is one of the best trainers that I’ve ever met. She is also dedicated, committed and super smart. She delivers what she says she will – regardless of what it takes. I trust Doresa, and that says A LOT!”
"I would like to share with anyone that reads this review. Mrs. Doresa Ibrahim company designed, opened up several Social Media pages, and other items. We communicated by Webinars, texting, and emails. Our websites have had several positive comments about them. We are a small business with a big heart to have great customer service to our guest. Her prices were great and I will use her services again as we grow. She normally does big businesses, but she helped us with our Social Media process. I am so thankful that she chose to help our small growing business."
30 Day Guarantee!
You Have a Full 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

Invest today and if you don't absolutely love and see the value this course bring to your coaching business, then simply email us and we'll refund your entire investment, no questions asked.
Start Building Your Coaching Funnel Today...
When you invest today, you get instant access to start building immediately.
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